Jiangsu langshan Wrie Rope Co.Ltd

Jiangsu langshan Wrie Rope Co.Ltd Ltd. was restructured from the former national large-scale enterprise Nantong Steel Rope (Group) Co., Ltd. It is one of the earliest professional enterprises producing steel wire rope and steel wire in China, and the national first-level measurement unit and file management country. Level, energy-saving national level, national high-tech enterprises, with an annual output of 180,000 tons of wire rope, steel wire, prestressed steel strands and rigging.

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A steel rope/wire rope sling supplier

Wire rope, Steel rope

Wire rope, Steel rope

Exprience in wire rope sling production

The company has more than 50 years of experience in production, operation and management. It has mature technology, advanced technology and complete testing means, and constantly adopts new equipment, new processes, new technologies and new products. Products are widely used in ports, ships, marine engineering, engineering machinery, elevator lifting, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, communications, elevator lifting, machinery, transportation, coal, forestry, marine fishing, electricity and other industries.

Hight standard steel rope production

The products are produced according to GB, DIN, BS, JIS, ASTM, RR-W-410, API, ISO and other standards, and are registered under the trademark “Wolf Mountain”. The company has passed the American Petroleum Institute (API) quality system certification, ISO 9001 quality system certification, Lloyd’s, China Classification Society (CCS), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), French Classification Society ( BV), the Norwegian Classification Society (DNV) factory approved, can provide ABS and other certificates. In 2006, it won the “National Inspection-Free Product” and in 2007 it won the title of “National Famous Brand Product”.