The requirements for the use of steel wire ropes

The requirements for the use of steel wire ropes

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As a important product of China Qingdao hardware rigging, steel wire ropes play an important role in the hoisting project. However, the steel wire ropes are not free to use. There are also many things that must be paid attention to during the lifting process. Below, we will introduce the use requirements of the wire rope lifting rigging.

1. When using the lifting rigging of aluminum alloy pressed joints, the metal pavilion should not be subjected to radial force or bending moment.

2. Objects such as metal pins that are threaded into the cable eye when lifting the article should have sufficient joint strength and the diameter should not be less than 2 times the nominal diameter of the wire rope sling.

3. Steel wire ropes shall not be dragged on the ground; rigging hardware with welded scars shall not be used; steel wire ropes shall not be used as grounding wires for electric welding.

4. No welding or drilling shall be carried out on hooks and shackles, and there shall be no defects such as cracks, sharp angles and over-burning that may affect safety.

5. The thickness of the hanging lugs and other rigging accessories that are in contact with the shackle pin shaft shall not be less than the pin shaft diameter.

6. When lifting the hoisting weight, the following requirements should be met: the rigging limbs have no possibility of any knot; the terminal connection method is correct and reliable; the bending radius of the rigging is greater than 2 times the nominal diameter of the wire rope; the rigging is in use itself. The naturally formed knuckle angle shall not be crushed, but the terminal cable eye, casing or plug connection and its accessories shall be safe and reliable; the multi-limbed rigging shall not be entangled with each other.

These are things that must be taken into account when using steel wire ropes. They are also safety matters to be aware of when using Qingdao hardware rigging.

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